Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Card of the Moment - Jan 16 2007

Physical Fun + Energy + Playing & Working + Racing With the Wind + Sweating + Concentration + Strength & Power +

Within the spirit of athlete lies the ability to be immersed in physical fun. Athlete speaks of work and play. Withing each you can create the other. This may be a time to tap into your inner reserves of strength and power. All the determination you need is now available. Approach the situation with a resolve to focus and sweat and you are assured a rewarding outcome. Enjoy the energy shared by athlete. It is often through great exertion that you learn more about your capabilities. Choose a sport and play it hard. See how far it can carry you. Take a chance at realizing your powerful nature. You may be feeling as if life is one big race at this time, and you are pitted against the wind. Let those rushes and sprints whisk the worry from your mind. Concentrating on each step that leads to a finish, you are assured a good time and a strong physique.

c Infinite Tarot